Is eating meat as harmful as smoking?


This video by Dr Michael Greger at informs us that research shows that, yes, eating animal protein has been proven to be as harmful to longevity and cancer progression as smoking cigarettes.

Covering a lot of research in only seven minutes, the video explains that genes can be switched on or off with our choice of diet and lifestyle. Many people want to blame their genes for bad health, when much of the time the gene’s expression could have been averted by eating the right diet. Having blue or brown eyes is not something we can control, but just because our parents may have had cancer, heart problems, diabetes or Alzheimer’s does not seal our destiny. Our own choices do.

As the result of a study on nematodes with a mutant gene that doubled their lifespan, it was discovered that by extrapolating the information to humans a conclusion could be made that the quantity of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) in the body determines the lifespan. And, guess what, vegans have the lowest IGF-1, a higher life expectancy and a lower risk of cancer.

The blood serum of people who eat a plant-based diet, when dripped onto cancer cells in a petri dish, actually kills cancer cells. It seems sensible to conclude that a vegan’s blood has strong anti-cancer properties.

Another important piece of information presented in the video is that

(a) a low carb, high animal protein diet leads to a higher mortality rate

(b) a “low protein” (actually the recommended level, just lower than the Standard American Diet) high whole carb diet leads to a reduction in mortality.

A person eating a diet rich in animal foods at middle age has four times the risk of developing cancer, the same as a person who smokes. Hence the comparison between meat consumption and smoking.

And finally, whilst animal protein intake determines whether cancer progresses, plant protein has no harmful side effects. Eat like a peasant, not like a king.

This video and many other informative and well-researched videos are available at






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